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Find videos in iPhoto

I have a massive iPhoto library  (+16,000 photo) which contains a few videos taken with a digital compact camera, but finding these videos in the iPhoto library is a long and tedious process. There appears to be no option in the menu for “show videos only”. Thankfully i have figured out a little workaround to display videos only using a smart album.  Luckily when you import files into the library, iPhoto attaches the word “Movie” to any video file. Follow the steps below to view your video files:

Picture 1

1. In the bottom left of iPhoto click the + icon.

2. Select ‘Smart Album” from the top.

3. You now need to Match the following Condition.

4. From the pull down menu on the left select “Key Word”.

5. Ensure that the middle pull down menu is set to “Contains”.

6. In the right text box type the word: Movie

7. Click Ok.

Picture 3

A new album will now appear on the left side of IPhoto. This Smart Album will display all videos stored in your iPhoto library. If you wish to delete any of the videos follow the steps below:

Please note that you cannot delete the video directly from within the Smart Album

1. Inside the smart menu click the video you want to delete.

Picture 2

2. Then Select Photos from the top left of IPhoto, Doing this will direct you to the exact file in the library, where upon you may delete if necessary.


  1. Shiv

    A better way to delete. Select all the videos in the smart album and press Command+option+delete to move them all to trash (will be removed from library). Empty trash and voila, all videos in your library are gone!

  2. Pat

    Excellent tip.  We have several hundred kids video clips within Events within our iPhoto.  They take up tons of space….how can I grab all of these videos that now show in the Smart Folder and place them in an external hard drive?

  3. Just drag and drop them into a finder window, i.e. your external hard drive.